Beaster open 2018

The Belgian Easter (BEaster) Open 2018 is an official WCA Cube competition, on Saturday March 31st and Sunday April 1st. Jérome Carlier oganizes it with the local sport center: Complexe sportif de Sart-Dames-Avelines.


Near the city of Villers-la-ville, the famous Abbaye of Villers-la-Ville organizes local events and guided visits.

The address is:
Complexe sportif de Sart-Dames-Avelines
Chemin Bruyère du coq, 51 (en face du N°12)
1495 Villers-la-Ville


Jérôme Carlier

WCA delegate
Ton Dennenbroek

Jérôme Carlier

Entry Fee
€15 (Euro)

The competition is open for all ages and all countries, there is no minimum age or qualification time to participate in an event
The entrance fee will be 8€/1day, 15€/both days, 3€discount if only competing in 3×3.


Informations sur le centre sportif:

Where to sleep:

Hotel Leonardo Wavre (~25km from the venue)

Hotel Ibis Charleroi-station (~25km from the venue)

Hotel Ibis Charleroi-airport (~22km form the venue)

There are also a few guest houses located around 10km from the venue. Contact Jérôme Carlier for more informations

31 Mars – 1er Avril


Events on the side room
Events on the main room

Time Event Round cutoff Time limit format proceed
8h30 welcoming
9h-10h 6×6 Combined final 4min 6min Mo3/bo1
10h-11h15 megaminx Combined final 3min15 5min ao5/bo2
11h15-12h15 FMC Final 1hour Best of 1
12h15-13h30 5BLD Final   1hour cumulative Best of 3  
13h30-14h15 Pyraminx Combined first 20s 1min Ao5/bo2 16
14h15-15h 3BLD first round 10min total Best of 3 16
15h-15h45 Skewb Combined first 20s 1min Ao5/bo2 16
15h15-16h30 MBLD 1st attempt   1hour Best of 2  
15h45-16h45 5×5 Combined Final 2min15 4min Ao5/bo2
17h-17h30 Pyraminx Final 1min Ao5 (16)
17h30-18h Skewb Final 1min Ao5 (16)
18h-18h30 3BLD Final 10min total Best of 3 (16)
8h30 Welcoming
9h-10h30 4×4 Combined first 1min20 2min30 Ao5/bo2 16
10h-10h45 4BLD Final   30min cumulative Best of 3  
10h30-12h 3×3 First round     Average of 5 40
11h30-12h45 MBLD 2nd attempt   1hour Best of 2  
12h45-13h45 OH Combined first 45s 1min30 Ao5/bo2 16
13h45-14h45 2×2 First round 20s 1min Ao5/bo2 40
14h45-15h45 Square-1 final 45s 2min Ao5/bo2
15h45-16h15 3×3 Second round     Average of 5 12
16h15-16h45 2×2 Second round 1min Ao5 16
16h45-17h10 4×4 Final 2min30 Ao5 (16)
17h10-17h30 2×2 Final 1min Ao5 (16)
17h30-17h50 OH Final 1min30 Ao5 (16)
17h50- 18h30 3×3 Final     Ao5 (12)
19h Winner’s Ceremony

  • Personal advert from Stéphane Escaich: Thank you to Jérome who authorized me building a website for the BEaster Open 2018, please find here the PDF files that I use to solve the 3×3:
    PLL reco